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Scanlation comm
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25th-Apr-2008 03:29 pm - WELCOME TO MY COMMUNITY
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By tiduspoorpants at 2008-04-24

10th-Apr-2008 11:57 am - Pimping
Recently I have become part of the awesome that is JrockRP, Im in charge of TMRevolution (like you couldn't tell >.>) and doing smut for both TMR and Saga (cuz the Saga girl doesn't write smut, oh well more for me! :P), so far there are really only 5 regular posters, our Teruki seems to be kinda stuck in rut for ideas and posts every once in a while, so in a bid for more RP goers Im pimping the RP :P I made a banner and team banners and everything! :3 though I still have to make them...banner size...atm they are the size of a wallpaper!

http://toxicchocolate.proboards79.com/v45index.cgi?board=jrockrp is the RP, the ROLEPLAY one is the actual one, Continuation is not open to new people (and smutty as hell R RATED PPLS :P) as it is set in a specific time between 4 specific characters, but thats prolly bout to end (cuz there is only so many times 1 person can have sex) and be made into a new smutty time :P

Here is the creators pimping fyi http://toxic-chocolate.livejournal.com/33782.html

Make sure to read the whole thing to get a feel for the rules, the people and what is going on in the little world, then once you decide on a Jrocker you post in the Character thingy and see if you get approved for it :P

Banner Under CutCollapse )
Im currently writing a fanfiction, that pretty much will eventually have nearly every main-stream jrocker in it, at the moment Ive written up 3 A4 notebooks just based on the SKIN and Miyavi relationship, and they arent even main characters, eventually the mains will be TMR, Araki Hirofumi, Kyo and lots of random appearences by other J-actors/idols.

So here is the first chapter...be gentle, I suck.

P.S enjoy the new layout it was made by valuexofpain at jrock_layouts especially from my request.

Title: Insanity
Rating: PG atm, later chapters will be M>R for sexy and violence.
Pairing: OC - Jrockers, none in first chapter, just Miyavi being a perv as usual.
Author: ME! TPP
Summary: "Then why not prepare another festival!?" the agent chimed staring cheerfully around the room, clasping her hands together as her hands together excitedly as her eyes landed on Miyavi.

Story under cut for lengthCollapse )
17th-Mar-2008 05:37 pm - MOAR!!
Ive got some more of the seventh heaven photobook for yous guys!!

Enjoy the nekkid TMR... *nosebleed*

Beware I didnt use thumbnails this time....

HEEEERCollapse )
17th-Feb-2008 10:29 pm - Seventh Heaven Scans Pt2!
I am such a lazy person >.> but here are a few more scans from TMR's photobook seventh heaven.

SO SHINEY!Collapse )
16th-Jan-2008 07:03 am - TMRevolution Seventh Heaven PART I
Ive started scanning my TMRevolution photobook SEVENTH HEAVEN, its filled with delicious pics of the sexy man....NEKKID!! *gigglesnort*, Ive gotten about 30 pages in....AND IM NOT EVEN HALFWAY *fails*, its taking so long I dont think I can be bothered cropping or fixing them up, resizing them to fit on imageshack is just a pain!
This is about half of the half I have scanned, I havent resized the others yet.

For Takas Sexy Sparkle TimeCollapse )
15th-Jan-2008 07:24 pm - Welcome to Aoiheriheki!
As you can see it is an alternate version of my LJ page, but a comm! *gasp*
I made it to post scans, screenies, artsies and in general stuffs, you may get lucky and get a dvd or mp3!

Not much to say but welcome!
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